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The Center for International Relations Studies (CERES) was born as Nemri - Multidisciplinary Center for International Relations Studies, a project conceived by Wesley S.T Guerra. It was founded in 2015 with the participation of postgraduate students in International Relations and Political Science from the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo, dissociating from FEPSP after its conversion into a study center.

Currently, CERES is a multidisciplinary Think Tank aimed at creating an environment capable of absorbing the vast diversity of thoughts and experiences of students, alumni, professional teachers, and researchers in the field of International Relations.

CERES' mission is to expand discussions on international relations and their different approaches through regular meetings, thematic discussions, and a website, which serves as a platform for publishing articles, research, and papers related to the topics proposed by the group.

In this way, it is intended to follow the Think Tank model that exists in other countries and offer students and the community a straightforward understanding of international relations through the lived experiences of each member.

Contributions published on the CERES website do not express the opinions or viewpoints of the center. The opinions expressed in articles, notes, or reviews are solely those of their authors.


The mission of CERES is to generate a knowledge base resulting from the analysis, coexistence, and exchange of knowledge of the participants, expanding their vision of the world and the international scenario and creating simplified access to the different spheres of International Relations.


CERES shares the principles of the Academy of International Relations:

  • Valuation of the human being;

  • Recognition of the need to build a fraternal, pluralistic, and prejudice-free society;

  • Respect for autonomy and freedom of expression;

  • Commitment to the society in which it is inserted.



To build knowledge through the exchange of information and viewpoints of different students, teachers, researchers, and professionals with different backgrounds and experiences. Generate a space to disseminate new ideas, research, and studies.

"Sow knowledge to reap wisdom".



The objective of CERES is to provide the Internationalist with a meeting and discussion point, where it is possible to discuss and delve into the most diverse topics and aspects of International Relations.

Wesley Sá Teles Guerra
Creator and founder of CERES

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